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Sharing the love of JESUS with those in need! Not a handout, but a hand up!

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Praise the LORD!!! It's been a long time since I've done any updating here. At this time, it may be even longer, for we recently lost our main computer system and have not been able to replace it. To do so, at a minimum would take around $2K or on the high side $9K for a multiple monitor system(which would be more efficient). To gather these funds is especially hard, with the LORD's restriction on our "asking" for donations!!! We publish the needs and it's is the LORD's works upon a person's heart(and their obedience to it) that brings in the donations(if any.) So far,in three months, it's been the "if any," for not one person has deemed fit to provide for the ministry's needs !!! For me, this is no problem, for I've had to deal with this for all the years of the ministry's existence, providing all the operational expenses almost totally out of pocket. But it is those around the globe that are having to do without. Those that the LORD would have us service in some way, shape or form that are having to do without the LORD's provisions thru us. 

 There are so many hurting people around this country alone, that this ministry could be benefiting, yet it's hands are bound and it's feet stationary, for lack of personnel and funding. These things, as with all, are in the LORD's hands and timing, and I've been blessed with the faith to see them happening and will hold onto that, knowing that the LORD will bring about, that which HE has begun !!!

With lack of funding, I've been led to take up an old craft, which I was blessed with.(No, not drug dealing) I've taken up the camera that was purchased for the ministry to document works, and begun to shot photos again professionally. Having done so in the late 70's and early 80's to provide extra income for my motocross racing. Now it is turned to provide for the ministry, thru the name of "One Tree Photos." I've currently only a small showing of photos, which will grow in time. Though currently this growth is restricted by the loss of the main computer and lack of quality gear. The ministry's camera(Nikon D3100), though great for it's intended purposes, is lacking greatly when stepping into the professional field. All these needs, are also in the LORD's hands and shall be taken care of in HIS time !!! You can view photos on the "One Tree Photos" page on Google+. Happy viewing and

GOD bless and good day :{)))

Praise the LORD!!!

    First and foremost, Vine of CHRIST Ministries is about revealing JESUS to all peoples of the world, through the love HE has for us and by the works of our hands. Everything we are about is about revealing the love of GOD for all of mankind to each and every one!!!

    Though the LORD laid this vision upon my heart in Aug. of '97' and little has come of it, I will continue to follow HIS leading as to developing it! As the patriarchs of old I know in my heart that this ministry is that which the LORD has given me to bare. Though I've seen little interest in it from others, I'll continue to prod along as HE leads. Many times in the Christian walk we'll be led to do things that we've no 'earthly' idea as to why the LORD has asked us to do them. Yet to be obedient to HIS leading, we must perform them just as we would any daily task, but with more intent in doing them unto HIM alone!

    If I must be as those men of faith from the past and strive to follow HIS leading, never seeing the end of HIS promises, I will do so!!! I know in my heart that someday Vine of CHRIST Ministries will be a premier Christian helps ministry, setting an example for others to follow. We(I) will continue to strive and fulfill every little detail that the LORD lays upon my heart to the fullest of my earthly abilities and count HIM at HIS promises, that HE will bring this HIS ministry into fruition and that it will set the standards of Christian ministries higher than they've ever been before. With Vine of CHRIST Ministries setting the standard by reaching out to "Share the love of CHRIST with those in need. Not a handout, but a hand up!"




Praise the LORD!!!

    Welcome to the "Vine of CHRIST Ministries" website. We're a small ministry at this time, but LORD willing won't be for long.  Currently we're in the process of setting up our 'Disaster Relief Operational Center (DROC)' in the Kingsville, Texas area. This center will be a ‘storage and a distribution location’, as well as our offices. From which we'll respond to disasters over a several state region. In Sept. of '05' I received first hands experience of what it is like to suffer at the hands of nature. With hurricane Katrina soon to come ashore but 150 m. to the east, and then Rita to dump her right front quad of fury directly on us. I rode her out with my dog in a little farmhouse not fifty miles outside the eye-wall. Believe me, it was a wild ride!!


    This is when I began to learn how the large disaster relief organizations respond and work in such situations. Truthfully, I was doing better riding around on a commandeered riding lawn mower. Going about from house to house, checking on those that had stayed behind and checking the overall damage within a quarter mile radius of the house. I did all this within hours of the storms passing. I began giving assistance in every way, shape and form that I could. Within three days we had supplies, 580# of smoked sausage, to pass out. Two days later we received a truckload of packaged meals from a small church in North Carolina and began distributing these. It was another week before the military showed up and two to four before the two biggest relief organizations showed up. Overall, what I witnessed was sub-par as to what they always promote in their donation drives!

    Ever since then, GOD has shown me a branch in my calling to ministry, I'd known that it was going to have a disaster relief branch for some time and here HE was laying the foundations for it. I gleaned a bounty of information through the next several years, getting down and dirty helping with the rebuilding from Lake Charles, LA., all the way to Okeechobee, FL. I’ve talked with people from every walk of life, from the richest to the poorest. Those which had hung onto tree limbs or the eve of their house to survive. People that had lost a little, to those that had even lost loved ones. I gathered every little piece of information that I could and am now beginning to put it to work to the glory of GOD!!!

   Vine of CHRIST Ministries is not here to receive any glory for itself. We're here to show those that are suffering, from all manner of tribulation, that there is a loving GOD and that HE cares about them and has laid this burden upon our hearts to assist them in every way possible, asking nothing in return. Showing GOD's love for all of mankind through the graces HE has provided unto us. Reaching out to share the GOSPEL, thru not just our words, but our actions as well.


    We are a faith-based group of 'Born Again Christians (BAC)'. We will be a 501.c.3 charity and are working on getting all the legal matters taken care of. We are a non-denominational ministry, so all funding comes in through private donations. There are many plans set into motion at this time and there is definitely the need for funds to develop them, but I'll not play upon your hearts like most. I will ask but that you pray and ask the LORD about that which HE wants of you in connection with this ministry and then just to do it. We are not going to disappear overnight. I've been working on building this ministry for over twelve years now. With having just taken on board the first two volunteers, so I'm not going to stop now. GOD has given me a vision, a very great one too and I will work it until the day I draw my final breath here on earth. It is high time that Christians stood up and took over the operations of charities. For our LORD personifies love. We should be the ones reaching out to lift others out of the mire, when calamity has struck. So please, stop just “thinking” about helping others and get out here where the work is hard and the monetary rewards little, but the spiritual rewards are bountiful. Come serve the LORD through HIS ministry for me, Vine of CHRIST Ministries and Vine Ministerial Network International (our global outreach branch.) 


    This site will constantly be changing. There will be updates and progressive alterations taking place. Much like our personal walks with the LORD always progressing towards perfection. Progress on it will be made in the LORD's timing and not before. There are, other websites setup, where you can find information about this ministry and myself. They are located at:                   





   ** There is also a V.C.M. location on the Facebook pages, and now also Google+ pages, under the ministry name. At each of these sites we usually feature a blog, so you can stay informed as to our activity and updates. There is also a Daily Devotional located at Blogger, which I hope you will enjoy learning from as much as I learn also.


   Now, for the basics of this ministry, it was formed around John 15:5,"I am the vine; you are the branches. If any man remains in me and I in him, he shall bear much fruit."and John 15:7-8"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.(8) This is to my FATHER's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples." 

    Without our full reliance upon the LORD JESUS, nothing can or will be done, that is truly worthy of our glorious GOD. JESUS and our faith in HIM are the lifeblood of this ministry and these alone! We, as imperfect humans, could never hope to bring glory to such an awesome GOD. Only with JESUS' help and provisions can we ever hope to even come close. By following closely the example set forth for us by JESUS and remembering HIS every word, this ministry shall do that which is pleasing in GOD's eyes!!


    You may have noticed that seldom is there a mention of scriptural references. This is because it is each person's personal duty to seek these out on their own. If I were to give you a detailed account of someone's personality, you truly wouldn't know that person from Adam! So too is your relationship with GOD. I can tell you everything there is to know about GOD, but HE could stand right next to you and you'd not realize it. Everything you know about our creator is dependent upon what you are willing to do to farther your personal relationship with HIM. You could be like most and let your Bible collect dust on the coffee table or you can begin reading it. Read it like every word within it stands between you and an eternity of suffering or unexplainable joy!!! It's your choice, think well about this matter, because your future does depend on it!!! 


    Now don't get me wrong, we will have a lot of scripture related articles and Bible studies here on the site, once we get things better organized. As for now, things are going to be a bit on the simple side. I've not a band of 'techies' working with me, currently, it’s basically me alone. I'm not a computer illiterate, but far from completely literate when it comes to some of this stuff. 


    Some of the things that we've plans for, both online and off will be; a formalized prayer room, with prayer partners always available; a chat room, with moderators constantly online; and Bible studies for all levels of expertise. Then there will be those land-based systems such as a prison inmate and family’s ministries, food pantries, clothing and household item distributors along with our other relief based functions. There is still a lot to be done and time may be short, but we'll give it our best, while totally relying on JESUS as the life-blood of the ministry!!!


 Phone lines currently open between 8 AM and 8 PM Central Time (United States + Canada.) With our new number, we've encountered a great number of unsolicited sales calls. Due to this, we’ll not answer calls with 'NO' caller identification. This is to help concentrate our time on the ministry and not fending off profiteers! 

 Phone: Sorry, we currently haven't one 

 Cell phone: currently unavailable 

 To contact Reverend Barth:





   There are several things I would like to note here, please do not send me emails at each and every address in order to contact me, choose one and it will be read. Also, to those that want to offer me some dating site, drug sales or business offer, no thanks, my life is about serving the LORD and only that and you'll just wasting both of our times!!! 


   Attention to those that want to spam these address', we will report it to the officials and block your address!

*If you're making a donation for the express purpose of helping the ministry become more functional, please earmark it for "operational funds". This will help us keep track of our funding resources better.*



**Any donations made at this time, should be mailed to our physical address, for we currently don't have an electronic system set up. Please be patient, for it is coming.**


**** Due to my being hearing impaired, all communications (verbal/electronic) will be recorded. This will be so all correspondence can be examined for accuracy, so as to better serve you. 

    With this being a helps ministry, we wouldn't feel right, if we didn't help in every way possible. Below and on our links page you'll find links to excellent emergency preparedness sites. They're free of charge and have excellent materials to help you prepare yourself and family for disasters like that caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 

    For those in Texas and truly anyone that maybe interested in being prepared for a disaster emergency, this is an excellent and educational site:

    A FEMA related site: , there are some fine resources that can be found through this site; it just may take a bit of searching.